Social Services


The overall mission of the King George Department of Social Services is to promote and enhance the quality of life for the residents of the County through locally administered State/Federal/Local/Private programs designed to support the economic and social self-sufficiency of families and to safeguard vulnerable children, the disabled and our elderly residents.

Social Service Units

Service Unit

The Services Unit within the Department is comprised of six Social Workers, one Prisoner Re-Entry Specialist and supervised by the Director/Services Supervisor. They are charged with administering State and Local social programs in the area of Day Care, Child Protective Services (CPS), Adult Protective Services (APS), Preventative Foster Care and Foster Care, Adoptions, In-home services, domestic violence intervention, recruitment and approval of agency providers for companion services and adult foster homes, transportation, providing/maintaining a local food bank, health care grants, and home repairs for the elderly. They actively participate with the local Courts in cases requiring intervention and case management as well as with adjoining localities as requested. This unit serves as the Agency Liaison between other community-based organizations that provide assistance to the needy. All social workers are involved directly with families in crisis and provide a social intervention at sundry levels in an attempt to preserve the integrity of the family unit and to prevent any removal of children from the home. All Social Workers are State certified in CPS/APS.

Eligibility Unit

The Eligibility Unit within the Department is comprised of four eligibility workers, support staff and an Eligibility supervisor. This unit is tasked with the administration of Federal, State and locally supported economic programs such as Food Stamps, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), Virginia’s Initiative for Employment not Welfare (VIEW), Medicaid, General Relief, Auxiliary grants, fuel assistance, and emergency assistance. This unit receives financial information through extensive interviews, verifies information, determines eligibility according to current policy and procedures, maintains an extensive data base on transactions and information provided during interviews, and is tasked with Fraud prevention and the investigation of suspected fraud.

Administrative Unit

The Administrative Unit is comprised of three support staff and an Office Manager. This unit is tasked with pre-screening clients, initiating applications for assistance, tracking clients, maintaining the filing of records, records accountability and the administration of all personnel, administrative, personnel administration, technology (to include the ordering of, maintenance, updating and repair of automated systems), Thanksgiving/Christmas programs, budget, accounting and Board meetings.